Our goal is to give you access to an unique variety of swords and martial arts weapons.

About our swords and martial arts weapons.

In the last few years we have built relationships with various sword dealers and forges.

Through these connections we have gained access to custom swords as well as high quality antique Japanese swords directly from Japan.

We are excited to provide you with these swords on top of the many brand name swords for sale.

Additionally, we have teamed up with various producers of martial arts weapons and gear; namely TigerClaw, a company also based out of California.

About TakumiWarrior.com


Takumi warrior started around 2010-2011. We have been selling swords and martial arts weapons and gear for over 4 years.

We operate out of a small office studio located in a town called Bosque Farms, New Mexico. We do not have a storefront and operate the website only.

We enjoy the benefits of being a small organization, like being able to communicate directly with are clients, fans, customers, and partners. As someone looking at our website, we assume you fit into one of those groups, and we would like to invite you to start up a conversation.

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Takumi Warrior