Dragon Odachi


A 1060 HC steel Japanese Odachi Sword

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1060 High Carbon Steel 57 Inch Functional Japanese Dragon Odachi

This sword is a function odachi sword. The term odachi (ōdachi) means great or large sword, and at 57 inches this sword certainly fits the bill! Odachi swords are a traditional style of Japanese swords that were worn by the samurai.

Description from the manufacturer:

Hang forged by master smiths this Japanese Odachi sword is built as a functional, full tang dragon among swords. It is a massive 57 inches long, and has a tang that reaches 14.5 inches into the Tsuka (handle). Yes, it is true 1060 High Carbon Steel and is about 8.1mm thick, thick enough to use for cutting and makes a great workout. An angle is honed to the blade and sharpened, but easily it will sharpen out to a razors edge, so sharp you may as well shave with it if you dare. This type of hardness can only be achieved with high carbon steel that is hand forged and hardened though a quenching process.

Double blood grooves are featured on the blade and are necessary for a sword of this magnitude. The metal Tsuba (guard) has a very unique design similar to a tribal flame. This Odachi is like the dragon of all swords. Therefore, it has a dragon engraving on the handle itself. Note that the handle is wooden and has pegs holding in the full 14.5 inch long tang. Then it is wrapped in faux ray skin and black nylon cord for maximized grip. Even the handle is massive, at almost 20 inches long.

Overall Length: 57 Inches
Blade Length: 35.25 Inches
Blade Material: Forged, 1060 High Carbon Steel
Blade Processing: Quenched, Heat Treated, Hardened
Blade Sharpness: Sharpened, Angled Edge Present, Leading Angle Present
Blade Thickness: 8.1mm
Tsuba Dimensions: 6mm, 4 Inches, 2.25 Inches
Tsuba Material: Machined Aluminum, Annodized
Tsuka Length: 19.9 Inches
Same Tsuka Ito: Faux Ray Skin, Cord Wrapped, White & Black
Tang Length: Appx. 17 Inches
Saya: Hardwood, Flat Black Finish, 37 Inches, Waxed Interior
Features: Leather Rawhide Back Strap


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