Kiku 2


 Second Generation Wakizashi Sword

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The second generation Kiku sword from Munetoshi.
The blade of this sword has been constructed from forge folded deferentially hardened 1095 & 1065.
The blade comes full tang and capable of taking on most if not all traditional targets.


Scabbard: The scabbard has been constructed from wood with a deep green marbled finish and bull horn mouth.

Hand-guard: The hand-guard is blackened iron with chrysanthemum leaves.

Handle: The fuchigashira are blackened iron with a chrysanthemum theme.
The handle core is wooden with white samegawa and black chemical fiber ito.

More Details
Overall Length:24.5 ”

Blade: Very Sharp

Blade Length:16.5 ”

Blade Material:Differential Harden 1095 & 1065 Forged Steel

Handle Length:7 ”

Fittings:Iron and Copper

Balance Point:3.25 ”

Handle Material:Ray Skin and Chemical Fiber

Weight W/O Scabbard:1.5 lbs

Sori: 0.48 ”

Lamination:Mono Steel

HRC: 58 Degrees

Condition:Brand New

Accessories: Silk Sword and Deluxe Collector Display Box


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